The Best for Your Child and Family

Children’s Rehab Network has a depth of experience coupled with the required degrees, training, and certifications necessary to provide your child with the utmost care. Our staff includes people of many cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. We understand the devastating effect that a disability or catastrophic injury can have on the lives of individuals and their families....

Stephanie (left) and Isabel (right) doing physical therapy.

Care From The Heart

At Children’s Rehab Network we are dedicated to your child’s well-being and general happiness. It is this care that comes straight from the heart that makes us different from other rehabilitation facilities. We are highly experienced and ready to make a difference in your family’s life....


Se Habla Español

Children’s Rehab Network (CRN) es una organización que provee manejo de casos de personas que han sufridos daños catastroficos, servicios de rehabilitación, evaluación vocacional y asistencia de empleo/entrenamiento para personas con discapacidades, sus familias, y sus cuidadores. Tambien proveemos asistencia para personas con discapacidad y otras necesidades especiales, ayuda con procedimientos judiciales para la tutela, y …...

Children's Rehab Network is a PPEC — prescribed pediatric extended care program.

Since 1991, Children's Rehab Network has been caring for children ages newborn to 21 whose conditions require continuous nursing, education, and therapeutic care. We work to help stabilize and improve a medically fragile child's condition and to assist the family as much as possible. Parents get help so they can return to work, go back to school, or care for their other children.

Our nurses, therapists, and teachers provide a wide variety of services in a cheerful and inviting atmosphere. Children learn in a stimulating environment. Many go on to regular daycare, public or private schools, as their medical conditions improve.

We offer:

  • Nursing care
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech/language therapy
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Education
  • Medical transportation — emergency medical technicians in every van
  • We focus on the child's psychological, developmental, educational, physical, nutritional, and social needs

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